Thursday, July 29, 2010

With four days left in Arua...

In our last week we have had a few cancelations because of… well us being in Africa, haha. We are always learning to be flexible, because things often start like 2 or 3 hours late, and when they do, I usually just pull out a book to read or journal. Because of it I have seriously read almost 5 books during the trip here! We do a lot here, but also just have a lot of time in the car or being delayed.

We leave on Monday morning. It has come pretty fast. The two week mark was the shift in my mind of preparing to end well, but this last week has been somewhat slow because of a couple cancelations in our programs and it is honestly getting hard for me to not check out and start thinking more about going back to the US. When you know that you are about to leave for home soon, it can tend to make it easy to coast until you get back. I find myself dreaming about getting some Dairy Queen (yea they don’t have good ice cream or chocolate), Taco Bell, and other such foods, and just moving on with life in Simi and LA. But I was convicted a lot when I realized that if I can’t endure and stay focused on the mission to the end for just seven weeks, how am I supposed to do this with my life? What I mean is that this life is so short, and it is easy for me to want to just take it easy in this life while waiting for eternity, but that is not what I am called to. Yes I want God and His kingdom in it’s fullness more than anything, but I have to go hard here and not coast. Going hard here will actually make it so much sweeter, especially because it seems like it isn’t so pretty for those who are truly saved but just coast (1 Cor 3). So I can’t check out, I need to keep my mind here on the mission. Please pray for me on this, as I see how this can serve as preparation for life in that respect.

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